The question of the nature of Time is one of the most popular topics worldwide.

The Sense of time is perceived differently from one moment to another, from one person to another, from one place to another. So much variable depending on the circumstances, that it can be influenced in a discretionary manner or even identified with a given Time System.

The rationale behind the publication of Circular Calendars embodies two beliefs:

  • that by changing our perception of Time, change also our sense for it and our very lives
  • that the calendar is a basic tool for shaping the perception of time.

The dominant idea in these calendars is the Circular Nature of Time. The solar annual cycle of the seasons and the lunar synodic month cycle are illustrated in ways that reflects the sense of rhythm in functional calendars.

The aim of creating Circular Calendars is to compare the conventional Western calendar with an alternative context of time perception that brings people into daily contact with cosmic rhythms and intuitive nature. To compare the circle with the straight line, Moon with the Sun, intuition with logic and sustainability with constant growth. To arouse a sense of rhythm, proportion and harmony.

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