The logo gives the first impression of the identity of a company or product. It may be a descriptive-explanatory ideogram, an abstract design with a specific style or simply a name especially written. Moreover, etymologically the logotype refers to the type of writing of a concept.

In practice, it may be a combination of a shape or a ideogram (logomark) with the verbal type. In all cases, however, it must be functional. It has to be memorable, it can stand on its own in print and digital media, it can be enlarged or reduced without losing its readability, it can possibly be engraved, it keeps its character without color ... So it can be used in all applications for which it is intended.

For the above reasons, a logo should typically be simple and without impressive features, without very fine lines, without many colors. A successful logo is a combination of:

  • study of the communication goal, which brings inspiration, and
  • design experience.